SUSENJI Orange Mofa+ (NEW)

SUSENJI Orange Mofa+ (NEW)

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SUSENJI Orange Mofa+ 15g x 20 sachets


Please take note! We only sell Authentic products.
Every Susenji products are sealed in a box with a unique batch number and prices are all fixed by company.
There are fake Susenji product in the market, so do purchase from authorised distributor only.

Each box contains 20 sachets x 15g of Susenji Drink Orange Mofa.

Feel free to mix and match Mofa & Gold Gel, it's more worth it to purchase the bundle.

1 for $79
2 for $142.50
4 for $255
6 for $360

able to Mix & Match other combination!

SUSENJI MOFA+ (Free Shaker for every 2 boxes purchased)
1 Box | 20 Sachets (15g each)

Main Ingredients:
Natural Fresh Orange Powder
Psyllium Husk
Digestive Enzyme
Apple Fibre

Take MOFA at least 30 mins before sleeping
Add into the shaker with 200ml of room temperature water or cold water (do not use hot water)
Shake the powder till it is mixed evenly without clumps
Consume immediately as Mofa will thicken over time
Gentle bowel movements in about 8-10 hours (results vary from individual to individual body)

Cleanses colon & improves skin condition
Improves constipation & bloating issue
Promotes metabolism to maintain a healthy weight
Balances body pH level
Inhibits fat absorption & increases satiety to help shed pounds
Removes waste to avoid toxic retention
Keeps intestine healthy, improves bowel movement & clear stubborn stools
Slim waist & flatten belly effectively
Absorb excess fluid oedema